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Finance: Financially, this month you may start doing systematic investment plans for long-term which are helpful for savings.

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There would be a chance of purchasing a vehicle. Also, there may be a chance of buying furniture for domestic requirements. You may have a luxury expenditure, which needs to be appropriately monitored. Career: During this month, your progress in career would be average. You may have to face a tough time in the work. There may be some miscommunication with superiors. You must avoid confrontation with colleagues and should not get into any disputes with authorities. Business: In business, you will have disappointments from clients and unable to get expected satisfaction in projects.

It is better for you to be calm and flexible with the situations. You may face stressful situations in general works. In spite of having progress, you need to work systematically.

Horoscope Today - October 8, 12222

You must be disciplined. Professionals: In the profession, this would be an average period for you. There's a chance you could get a new gig or a boost in income. However, you'll also be pushed to better honor your worth. A relationship could be ending now if it's hampered your self-esteem. It's all about you this month, from your perception of yourself and your need to be more of your authentic self, unabashed.


Self love and appreciation will be the theme and as you love up on yourself, it will be exciting to see how many others want to love up on you too. Be selective with your energy this month as you'll need more rest than usual. Much of your time will be spent behind the scenes this month and that's not necessarily a bad thing as you could use the time out and the extra sleep. At the same time, recognize that being still is still a form of productivity as it gives you the chance to recharge your batteries and refocus.

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  • Aquarius Horoscope 12222: Love, Career & Health?

Pay attention to your intuition now as it will be sharp. Love could surprise you. You're focused on your career and reputation this month, but this month you might have a cathartic moment which pushes you to release the ways that you may be too fixated on how others see you, particularly where your accomplishments are concerned. On a lighter note, make time to enjoy your friends. Know that you are loved.

Your ambitions and goals take center stage this month and you can make some beautiful things happen when it comes to meeting your goals and moving forward in your career. Be open to learning something new to make yourself more marketable or to add to your arsenal. Releasing a limiting way of thinking will help you get far. It's all about remembering and exploring the magic that life has to offer this month and you can do it by way of travel, connecting with people from different walks of life, adopting a new philosophy, or taking up a new area of study.

Either way, the rules to the game is to remember that for now, there are no rules for you so go as big as you like.

Your daily horoscope on Career, Relationships & Business -

Be as big as you like. This gives Aquarians a taste of what you can expect to come to you as you enter the next year, as well as it prepares to enter your own sign by the mid This year and the next one are the years where firm foundations will be set for Saturn to enter your sign.

At the same time, in you will be questioning your spiritual practice and your inward beliefs. Spirituality has always been an important part of your life for many years now. This trend will continue to intensify further this year and the coming years as well.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

It might seem like a quite skeptical time. However, behold that it will also bring along joy, laughter and peace as Jupiter has also been playing around in your friendship house for the entire past year. You must have been shaken up by some eclipses this year, but the coming year will be much more tranquil and peaceful in this regard. Will there be no excitement the coming year then?

Not at all. There will still be enough excitement to keep you busy the next year as well.

Horoscope pisces career

Your domestic zone has recently been entered by Uranus. Thus, you might decide to move to a new house in the next seven years. The entrance of Uranus into your angular house is very important. For the people who believe that Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, its entrance into your sign also mirrors the stability that Saturn is already bringing to your life.

Creativity and children were very important to you in the last year but this one is going to be a work year.

Monthly Horoscope

The major areas of interest in the coming year will be finance, body, personal appearance, your image, work, health, sex, personal transformation, death and rebirth, spirituality and life after death. You will be more interested in these deeper things of life before September 25 th. After September 25 th , your interests will move to activities like religion, metaphysics, philosophy, foreign travel, higher education, group activities, friendships and organizations.

The paths of greater fulfilment the coming year include domestic interests, sex, personal transformation, death and rebirth, the life after death and the other deep things in life until September 25 th.