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Tips from Free Horoscope. You also have the opportunity to integrate your partner into your social life to everyone's delight. Group of friends for the Dragon This year, your social circle is particularly rewarding: you will have many opportunities to express yourself, even to organize joint activities. Your trust in yourself gives you confidence in others and your very personal methods are very successful. This popularity could intoxicate you and push you to overdo it: take care to save time and energy for your work, your family, your personal hobbies, and your loves To know: Measure the concessions you grant, your empathy should not lead you to neglect your personal interests.

Dragon: your Spiritual life This year, your thoughts are turned towards others rather than your own quests. Or rather, your great quest is in relation to others. You seek to install and maintain a good balance between your needs, your desires and those of your different life partners.

It is a beautiful step in your personal journey, which will allow you to feel in unison in most situations. Our advice : : It is in your home, in the company of your loved ones or your partner that you will feel the most in tune with a serene and harmonious reality. Well-being for the Dragon It's a great year where meetings, exchanges, and the excellent relationships that you manage to keep will count a lot in the maintenance of your morale and thus of your health.

Dragon: your Chinese Horoscope FREE and complete

You will have the time and the opportunity to take care of yourself: a small check-up summary, or dental care that had been constantly postponed, or a spa treatment to decompress completely, no matter the method as long as the result is a skin as refreshed as your soul! Tip-Off : Enjoy great influences this year without letting yourself be tempted by excess that is prejudicial to your balance.

Action, yes, overwork, no! Dragon: your Family life The family spirit is supported by your excellent emotional relationships: between your partner, your children, your parents, and your friends, the climate is rather serene and you juggle skillfully between everyone's feelings. You might have to put some things in focus and find arrangements that satisfy everyone but you're doing very well!

It's a joyous year: meetings, parties and banquets are on the agenda and will only strengthen the powerful bonds that exist, diplomatically pushing out all those who have nothing positive to bring to your bubble To meditate : Stay reasonable and sober, do not throw yourself into impulsive promises that you won't be able to keep and always keep your personal interests in mind.

My horoscopes are full of fun and love etc. Nothing in my horoscope has happened to me this year? What gives? Dear Poppyseed, here is a link that you may want to consult : Archive of Monthly Horoscopes. Have a nice day! Susan from the site Free-Horoscope.

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The Dragon Year Personality Horoscope

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