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This is quite natural, as the 1st house the Ascendant being on its cusp is responsible for our ego, self-perception and behavior. If your Ascendant is at the last degrees of a sign, you can consider the next sign as a co-Ascendant.

More on Capricorn Ascendant, Capricorn Rising Sign

Many people though, experience the next sign to behave as the Rising sign a lot more than the one which is actually rising. Before we continue with the traits the sign grants, we should mention that depending on the geographical latitude, each sign needs slightly different time to ascend. If we are born near the equator, the differences are hardly visible. Yet, the closer we are born to any of the two poles, the better the differences between signs can be visible. This is also the reason why people born in rather extreme northern or southern latitudes can experience rather strange natal charts, with some houses being huge while some others quite small.

As always, we propose to our readers to use the Placidus system in calculating their houses, because we find it to function better both on our own charts and on the charts of other people that we have analyzed. In the northern hemisphere, Capricorn is rising a little bit faster than the average. When someone is born at 50 degrees Northern latitude, the sign will need one hour and fifty minutes to rise fully.

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At a city placed at 60 degrees Northern latitude, the sign will need around one hour and twenty-five minutes. Thus, a person born in the Northern hemisphere has statistically fewer possibilities to have a Capricorn Ascendant, when the average time a sign needs to Ascend is two hours. As we already mentioned, individuals with Capricorn rising will have Saturn as their chart ruler.

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The planet of restriction will be very important in their lives, and also strongly connected with their physical body, vitality and appearance. Their body and self will be affected not only by transits of planets through their Ascendant, but also by transits to their natal Saturn. In addition, natal aspects of other planets to the chart ruler, while also its location in a particular house, will play a strong role.

People with Capricorn rising, must take care to empower their Saturn in healthy ways, as its functions will always have a positive or negative effect overall on their chart, touching all their life areas. Saturn is generally considered a malefic planet, responsible for all types of trouble.

5 Tips For Surviving the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn – Patrick Watson

Thus, they should pay attention, even more, to make him function well, especially if he is adversely aspected in their natal chart. Because Saturn has a natural urge to restrict everything, such individuals must learn to overcome any borders that he imposes, or else they can feel an experience full of pressure and self-limitation. As we already mentioned, Saturn and Capricorn are the most serious planet and sign, prompting people ruled by them to be serious and leading to voluntarily self-seclusion, or to extremes concerning workaholism or physical labor.

Having a Capricorn Ascendant feels like having Saturn in your 1st house. The native may have a very serious and realistic approach to life, and usually avoids optimism and having high hopes. He believes that reaching his goals requires a lot of effort, which he will willingly give. One can say that even during his childhood, such an individual behaves like a grownup. Usually, these archetypes of behavior pass to him from his dominant parent, who frequently is his father.

Alternatively, this native may have been influenced a lot from his grandparents, who may have played an important role in his young ages and passed to him rather conservative views on life. In either occasion, he is careful and restrained in his decisions, a wonderful tactician and quite narrow-minded; it is rather difficult to change his opinion even when it is a wrong one. Some would say this makes them difficult to adapt to new surroundings or to change their patterns of behaving.

As a body, Capricorn Rising people tend to be short, if proportionally compared to the average person. They have a predisposition to be rather thin, as the ruling planet of Capricorn — Saturn — is responsible for restriction and thus can keep the physical body away from expanding. In addition, people with a Capricorn Ascendant are rumored to live statistically longer than other individuals, while also shrink in size as they get old and losing body mass. They tend to have darker colors of eyes and hair, while also many times choose to wear dark colored clothes.

Considering their appearance, their clothes are usually quite conservative, seeping seriousness and professionalism. They are reserved about laughing and smiling, keeping those traits mostly for their dear people. Their public image is always stable, and they carefully develop it to be inspiring for business collaborations. If their Saturn is afflicted, or malefic planets are present near their Ascendant especially in the first degrees of their 1st house they should guard against anorexia. A person with a Capricorn Ascendant will adore being in control, feeling safety through power over situations and people.

This lust for being in power can lead them to obtain high positions in governmental services, or develop their own business and have it as their child — many times being more important than their real-life children. Their natural stubbornness may make them even misbehave towards other individuals — another treat that is usually more present with an afflicted Saturn and malefics near the Ascendant. If the affliction is heavy, malicious behaviors can even be something that they consciously enjoy and not just an automatic reaction.

Of course, these are extreme situations and a lot more parameters are needed so that they get activated.

Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn people will not like to travel a lot, as their physical body feels better when tied to a certain geographical spot. Known surroundings empower them, and that is why a well-organized office may feel to them as the throne room of their kingdom. They dedicate their energy to that special spot, making it a deposit of power from which they feed. Natives with their Ascendant in Capricorn are usually not very talkative, preferring to be laconic and to speak only about important subjects. Naturally, business and planning projects are the two subjects to which they prefer to dedicate their thought and speech.

They can spend many hours developing their strategies and thinking long-term. This — of course — has some impact on their daily routines and simple life concerns; they simply do not care so much about them which can even create problems with people close to them. They dedicate a lot less time to their family, appearing to be rather un-emotional; even if the reality is the opposite. Yet, this is how things are; their career is drinking their time and diminishing their abilities to offer small things and precious moments to their family and friends.

They will not be very interested in taking part in recreational activities that promote fun and humor, and that involve a lot of people, contributing to a shared wellbeing. Capricorn Rising people are usually loners, preferring to spend their free time by themselves. This trait can expand any possible depressive tendencies, which are usually a realm also connected to Saturn — the astrologically coldest planet.

To do this, you need to cautiously plan and structure your approach in order to meet the voice of responsibility inside of you, urging you on toward success and achievement. Treating yourself as you would a member of your team will help. Would you punish and criticize others as harshly as you do yourself? In the course of a day you are likely to do ten things, eight of which you will do very well.

Rather than focussing on what you have not yet achieved you need to recognize what you have. Then you will see that you are more than able to fulfill whatever task is at hand, perhaps with a more patient approach?

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Sometimes working with a therapist or client-entered astrologer is the best way to understand how unconscious patterns undermine your efforts. Achievements may be slow to come by, but are usually certain, owing to your methodical approach. The sign and house position of the Sun in your chart will give you many clues as to how this happens for you. Saturn, your ruler, is also known as Father Time, teaching valuable lessons through patience, commitment and endurance.

Hardship and frustration teach you to refine your ambitions whilst developing long-term staying power. Limits, laws and structures must be recognized and obeyed. There is a need to make something of yourself; and this will become a key driving force. Submitting to the need for order, structure and discipline will lead to long term satisfaction and contentment.

Capricorn Rising - Your First Impression

Sometimes the inner expectation that life must be hard for you makes things far more difficult than need be. You meet what you expect in the world, and with Capricorn rising you may secretly expect hardship and limitation to greet you at every turn. These beliefs can lead to difficulty in realising your goals. The belief that life must be hard for you often sets things up so that they are! Learning to appreciate your need for hard work and discipline, without seeing yourself as somehow under the thumb of Cruel Fate, helps.

Also putting your ambitions into perspective is a good move. There is more to life than hard work and discipline. The potential to enjoy the physical things of life is also strong. You need to let yourself enjoy the journey, and your potential for sensual pleasure. This of course is much more easily achieved, once the crippling limitations of guilt and self-repression are removed.

This Ascendant also brings great responsiveness to the needs and feelings of those you hold close.

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You will work hard for the people you care about. Publicly, you may come across as reserved.

Always aware of status and protocol, you will avoid doing anything that might adversely affect your reputation. You will be aware of decorum and following appropriate social codes, but behind closed doors, another story can emerge. This sign is also associated with the festival of Saturnalia, in honour of Earthly Pleasures and Delights.

With Capricorn rising you will find a sense of purpose and inner balance comes through pursuing your ambitions whilst giving plenty of time for recreation. By developing your sensual and practical sides you will find satisfaction, whilst reminding yourself that you are far more capable than you let yourself believe. You are a work in progress and are highly likely to succeed. Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within!

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