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They instinctively can read the emotions of others and act accordingly. When in doubt, they go with their gut and usually find good results. As such approachable and accepting people, Pisces naturally tend to attract friends over time. While they may have a large network, having dependable and sincere friendships is their priority. Their social reputation is a just superficial idea that hardly concerns them. The times where this is most visible comes at moments of euphoria or sorrow. Another remarkable observation of this zodiac is that they seem to be the most spiritual zodiac of the lot.

T heir ability to create such profound relationships is uncanny. In terms of selflessness and giving, Pisces is unrivalled. Most of us get so caught up in our own needs and desires that we often forget to consider the situations of our neighbors.


Making other people happy is how Pisces find happiness within themselves - a highly rare commodity. As people that give so much in a relationship, you might expect that they ask for something in return. While they may hope that you would try to look out for them in moments of need, Pisces are for the most part low-maintenance people.

Their ability to find connections where others see none helps them create expressive and progressive work. In times of solitude or relaxation, they will just ease off into their own dreamland where they could be lost for hours. Perhaps the biggest downside to their creative and resourceful minds is their tendency to become anxious and critical during periods of insecurity. One negative thought can be all it takes to send them into a universe of negativity, self-doubt and self-pity. They are not people who fare well in their own solitude and finding true love plays a central role in their vivid imaginations.

Meaningful relationships are everything to this sign , so winding up alone is their worst-possible scenario. It makes it easier for them to know that they are special and wanted. You will have probably already guessed this by now but Pisces is second to none as a long-term partner.

Pisces characteristics

When a challenge presents itself, you best believe that a Pisces won't back down. I totally agree, don't take my kindness for my weakness!!! Gonna have to disagree about them hating to be alone. Pisces have a rep for needing to be alone.

Sex with a Pisces - The Bare Facts! | unehuwepajaw.ml

Maybe not forever, of course. I disagree, as a pisces I never want to be alone. Being alone makes me feel sad and depressed. I want to be around others to make them feel good about themselves. Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now! So, why not choose from our selection of advisors and kick start your quest for answers and enlightenment regarding your future, right now?

To help you make your choice, check out our advisor's specialities, tarifs and reviews. Discover everything you need to know about your sign and more! Knowing more about your zodiac sign will give you a better insight into your personality, sexual compatibility, as well as your weaknesses and strengths.

So what are you waiting for? Read on! To dispel some common misconception, here are 15 facts about Pisces that people usually gloss over. Open the doors to your destiny with a private reading.

Pisces Facts

Fly high! In their imagination they are happy, and safe from the harshness of the real world, and this allows them to dream up amazing things. But Neptune makes moderation and clarity extremely difficult for Pisces. With sweet self-deceiving dreams. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is a heavy sleeper and dreamer. Pisces can fall asleep almost anywhere — under a school desk, on the edge of a building, you name it! Pisces are escapists; they dream big and daydream even bigger. Aquarius and Pisces had been arguing about the best Alice in Wonderland movie since the version came out.

Pisces is rooting for the cartoon version while Aquarius is rooting for the version. Weak, lacking direction and purpose of life, Pisces is very concerned about the pleasant relationship between people, especially with the other half, although emotionally flooding, but for the other half, in order to get the same love of the other party, will be very caring for each other. This phenomenon will continue in his cooperation with others, colleagues may be surprised to find that the weak Pisces, the original control of desire is so strong, in fact, this is their nature.

Pisces women who like to talk to their lover for a long time, whenever the mood fluctuates, they will first think of giving a call to the lover, let the other party understand their mood at the moment, and give gentle comfort. If the lover is calling himself, the Pisces woman will be happier, and she will surely hold the phone and say no end.

If the Pisces woman is no longer keen to talk to you for a long time, or pick up your phone and always rush to hang up impatiently, this is a dangerous sign. Incredible Gifts. Originally, type AB blood has the characteristics of two opposite blood types, A and B. In addition, there are two fish that swim in different directions.

They are more thoughtful, and perhaps they spend a lot of time in their lives to figure out the true meaning of the self. They can be very angelic or devils; sometimes they are cold, sometimes hot, and have a romantic and changeable fantasy. This trait, a unique charm, often attracts people around you intentionally or unintentionally.

They are fragile and sensitive, and they are easily injured. They often feel sad for something trivial; but there are many things that can make them warm and happy again. When the AB-type Pisces are small, they are often squeaky, petted, and loved to escape. When they grow up, they will not be lazy and pampered after being tempered by certain life.

They will learn how to use the true value of life from their lives. How to give others love and strength, and thus build their own better self-confidence. The AB-type Pisces women are romantic and feminine, they need a strong arm to protect, always fantasizing the fairy-tale love story. The AB-type Pisces male is gentle and kind, like a gentleman, courteous, elegant and thoughtful, it is easy to win the favor of women.

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Log in Sign up. Pisces Facts Pisces facts Zodiac 12th sign friendship. Reasons why Pisces are da bomb. Pisces Fact: Movies and books affect Pisceans very, very deeply.

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They may not show it much, but when a Pisces closes a book or walks out of a movie theatre, their minds are spinning and their hearts are pumping. A Piscean can get so involved in a movie that they leave not only wishing that they led an exciting life like the one in the movie, but feeling like they did. This, in a sense, makes Pisces an old soul. Their youthful appearance and childlike wonder masks the fact that in their mind, Pisceans have lived a thousand lives. After closing a book or leaving a theatre, the movie or book does not stop there for a Pisces. Their mind will dwell on it for days at a time, fueling their inspiration and motivation.

Everything you need to know about Pisces

Characters and storylines become real to them, and one of the things that solely drives them on are these fantasy worlds. These worlds give them the most important thing they could have - HOPE. Pisces, know that although these fantasy worlds bring you happiness and hope, you cannot hide in them forever. It may be disappointing to hear it, but this world is all you have for now.

Make this world your own. Make it that dream world you've always wanted to live in. Turn the Earth into a dream. Pisces pisces facts facts Zodiac Zodiac Signs zodiac facts its zodiacology astro signs astrology astrology facts. Some random Pisces facts. They should be famous for their Poker face, seriously 3: They are great procrastinators. When they want to do something, they are like "I will do it later" and then they will do it in the last minute or they don't 4: They are masters at making you feel guilty. They will avoid eye contact, sound sad and say "It's fine.

After that they will hate it. It's like they know what's on your mind and they know what you need, but it depends on their mood whether they help you or not. They know you are lying, but they will act as if they don't. Some people may mistake their kindness for flirting. If you piss them off, they will imagine your death or something like that. I will have to make a post only with good facts to make up for this. Pisces facts Pisces facts zodiac sign. Pisces needs someone to hold them tight in the darkest of days, to tell them everything will be alright.

Pisces needs someone who can deal with their emotions instead of ignoring them. In return, this person will gain the most love in the world. Love a Pisces, and Pisces will give you x more love. As a Pisces you are dual personality; you may play the gregarious hedonist and then seek serious moments in solitude. You are unpredictable to say the least. You can be so secretive and private that you end up driving those around you crazy, and then the next minute you are open and thoughtless. Mars in Pisces Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, which is friendly towards Mars.

Pisces are usually extremely forgiving when it comes to someone wronging them. They will try to be mad and stay away from them, but if that person approaches them with smiles and hugs, the naive and gullible Pisces will fall into the trap. After getting caught time after time in this trap, a Pisces will finally realize the bad in someone, and once they do, they will be very cold towards that person.

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  • A Pisces tends to show anger through the silent treatment, hardly acknowledging those who deeply wronged them. If you deceive a Pisces and get away with it, be careful, because the more you do, the more they will feel betrayed. A hurt and betrayed Pisces can be a mean one. Pisces pisces pisces fact pisces facts pisces account pisces accounts astrology zodiac zodiacs zodiac sign zodiac signs astrology post astrology posts.

    Pisces curse friends love pisces facts writting.

    Pisces: About This Zodiac Sign

    They are forgiving, but if you go overboard they will leave you faster than you may think. Pisces are willing to sacrifice themselves for their loved ones. Some might even wonder if Pisces finds pleasure in suffering. Pisces Piscesfacts Pisces facts. Pisceans have an unusual ability for identifying with both everything and nothing at all.

    There is always some threatening monster, some impending devouring which Pisces is running from; be it addiction, phobias, depression and anxiety, illness, or the most dreaded: the bleakness and disappointment of reality and the identity. Pisces is highly idealistic and vulnerable to disenchantment.